Dear Congregation,

We, the Session of Hope Church, wish to thank you for your many prayers, encouraging words, and support for this congregation. Many of you have expressed deep appreciation for the livestream worship we have been able to offer since March. We are pleased to announce that the livestream worship will remain from here on out, allowing you to worship with the Hope Church family from anywhere, even once in-person worship resumes. Even with the livestream worship, though, we have been eager to begin worship together in person, and we are happy to now finally announce a path toward resuming gathered worship.

We know that some of you will find this decision too hasty, and still others may believe this is long overdue. We ask for your grace toward us as we prayerfully struggle how to lead in these uncertain times, and more importantly we ask for grace toward one another. Our plan for beginning in-person worship is with the following caveats and precautions in place:

  • If you are sick (including especially the symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath), or if you are at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness (based on the CDC guidelines), we would encourage you to stay home and participate via the livestream.
  • Please arrive early to allow extra time for entry and seating, as well as to avoid congestion. All exterior doors will be propped open to facilitate contact-free entry and exit.
  • Following the recommendations of our governing authorities, we encourage everyone to wear a mask (except children under 2, based on the CDC guidelines). We recognize there are different opinions on this matter, and that those not wearing a mask may have different needs or reasons behind their decision, so let’s not pass judgment based on whether or not someone chooses to wear a mask.
  • While interacting before and after the service, or choosing seating, please observe physical distancing guidelines.
  • Children should stay with their parents at all times.  The nursery will not be available.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available, and the building will be carefully cleaned.

Your servants,

The Session of Hope Church

Sent: June 3, 2020