First time visiting?

Here are some answers
to questions you may have
Who is welcome at Hope Church?

All are welcome! We’re a group of folks from different backgrounds gathered together in one place. We invite everyone to join us for Sunday school, Worship service and events.

Is there a dress code?

No. Please wear whatever you are comfortable in.

Must I donate money during service?

No.  We will not pass a collection plate so there is no obligation to give during your visit. We do have a location for regular attenders to give to the mission of the church.

What style of worship music is there?

Usually, the service contains a blend of hymns and contemporary songs.

What is Hope Church About?

You will find more information about us here.

What time does the service start?

Our worship service starts promptly at 10:30 AM.  We suggest visitors arrive earlier so you can grab a coffee and meet with us before the service starts.  If you’re running late, don’t worry you are always welcome and if needed we will help you find a seat.

What time does worship service end?

We usually conclude by 11:45 or Noon.

Do I have to participate in everything?

No.  You’re welcome to be with us whether you want to sing or not, pray or not, etc.

Are children welcome?

Of course!  Bring your children into service with you or have them stay with our infant and/or toddler nurseries.  We always have two volunteers with background check clearances in each nursery who will take great care of your children during worship.

How could I connect outside of the worship service?

Community groups are a great way to get to know people.  Check the bulletin on Sunday for more information.  Sunday school is also a great way to connect and we schedule new membership classes regularly in case you are interested in becoming a member with us.

So, do I just show up then?

Yes! Just show up.  We’ll be here to greet you.

If you have other questions please let us know.

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