We WILL hold WORSHIP on Sunday morning, March 15.

Please, PLEASE, do not attend if you have symptoms or are part of a demographic more likely to contract COVID-19. If you need anything, please contact an elder or deacon or friend at church. We will make a number of modifications to regular practices to minimize physical contact:

  • NO NURSERY (please bring your children to worship with us)

  • NO SHAKING HANDS (try a bow, or an “elbow bump” if you like!)

  • Offering plates will be in the rear of the sanctuary, not passed around the room.

  • Bulletins will not be handed out but will instead be picked up in the rear of the sanctuary.

  • No worship team¬†

  • No coffee/snacks

  • Sanctuary doors left open to minimize door handle contact

Additionally, all extra church activities are cancelled. This means:


  • No GED

  • No men’s breakfast

  • No welcome lunch

  • No regular meetings unless absolutely NECESSARY

In other words, other than worship, if it happens at the church building, it’s not happening, at least for the immediate future. Small groups may meet as leaders/hosts wish. Please be in touch with your small groups’ leader to find out if your group will meet.

Our hope is that by these efforts, efforts that are being shared across the country, we can love and serve our neighbors and the common good. “Social distancing” (efforts to reduce contact among the public) is a great way to love our neighbors.

Though we may not be in a high-risk demographic ourselves, taking these measures is how we protect others and put their needs before our own ease or comfort.

Additionally, we encourage you to communicate with those in your social circles, both in and outside the church, to see how you can serve and provide for them: those who may need supplies, food, and support during this time. What a great opportunity for the church to be a “compelling community”–the kind of group whose love draws others in, the kind of group whose love for neighbor says our God is an awesome God.